• Effective: Expired
  • Effective Date: 25/04/2007
  • Expiry Date: 20/04/2011
Number: 38/2007/QĐ-TTg
Independence - Freedom - Happiness
Hà Nội , March 20, 2007


Promulgating classification criteria and list of enterprises with 100% state capital


Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of the Government;

Pursuant to the November 26, 2003 Law on State Enterprises;

Pursuant to the November 29, 2005 Law on Enterprises;

At the proposal of the Minister of Planning and Investment,


Article 1.- To promulgate together with this Decision classification criteria and list of enterprises with 100% state capital.

Article 2.- Subject to the application of this Decision are independent state companies, one-member limited liability companies with 100% state capital, and independent cost-accounting member companies of existing economic groups and state corporations.

Article 3.- This Decision replaces the Prime Minister's Decision No. 155/2004/QD-TTg of August 24, 2004, and takes effect 15 days after its publication in "CONG BAO."

Ministers, heads of ministerial-level agencies, heads of Government-attached agencies, presidents of provincial/municipal People's Committees, and the Managing Boards of economic groups and Corporations 91 shall, pursuant to this Decision, continue classifying and restructuring independent state companies, one-member limited liability companies with 100% state capital, independent cost-accounting member companies of existing economic groups and state corporations under their management and report thereon to the Prime Minister before May 31, 2007.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment shall coordinate with the Steering Committee for Enterprise Renewal and Development in monitoring, guiding and urging ministries, branches, localities, economic groups and Corporations 91 to implement this Decision and regularly review and report the situation to the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister



(Promulgated together with the Prime Minister's Decision No. 38/2007/QD-TTg of March 20, 2007)

I. The State holds 100% charter capital of enterprises operating in the following domains and branches:

- Production and supply of explosive materials;

- Production and supply of toxic chemicals;

- Production and supply of radioactive substances;

- Production and repair of weapons, ammunition and equipment exclusively used for national defense and security; equipment, facilities, technical documents and provision of information confidentiality services with cipher techniques;

- Enterprises assigned to perform special defense and security tasks and enterprises based in important strategic, deep-lying and remote areas where economy and defense are combined under the Prime Minister's decisions;

- National electricity transmission; large-scale electricity generation significant for the society, economy, national defense, and security;

- Management and exploitation of national and urban railways; airports; and big seaports;

- Flight control; national and municipal railway transport control;

- Maritime safety assurance;

- Public post;

- Radio and television broadcasting;

- Construction lottery;

- Publishing and press;

- Money printing and casting;

- Production of cigarettes;

- Management and exploitation of inter-provincial and inter-district irrigation works and sea walls;

- Management and consolidation of dykes and works for flood diversion and natural disaster prevention;

- Planting and protection of head-water, protective and special-use forests;

- Provision of credits for policy beneficiaries and socio-economic development.

II. Equitized enterprises where the State holds over 50% of total shares

1. Enterprises participating in production of public products or provision of public services:

- Maintenance of national railway system;

- Management and maintenance of roads and inland waterways; management and exploitation of seaports (except for seaports defined in Section I);

- Cartography;

- Production of scientific films, newsreels, documentary films and children films;

- Urban water drainage;

- Urban lighting;

- Basic geological and hydro-meteorological survey;

- Investigation, exploration and survey of soil, water, minerals and other types of natural resources;

- Production and preservation of plant varieties, animal breeds and frozen sperms; production of vaccines.

2. Enterprises ensuring essential demands for production development and improvement of material and spiritual life of ethnic minority people in mountainous, deep-lying and remote areas.

3. Enterprises playing a role in ensuring major balances of the economy and stabilizing market, which operate in the following branches and domains:

- Electricity generation with a capacity of 100 MW or more;

- Exploitation of coal, bauxite, copper ore, iron ore, tin ore, gold and gemstones;

- Exploitation and processing of oil and natural gas;

- Building and repair of means of air transport;

- Supply of information and communication infrastructure;

- Production of pig iron and steel with a capacity of over 300,000 tons/year;

- Reverter-furnace production of cement with a design capacity of over 1.5 million tons/year;

- Production of basic chemicals, chemical fertilizers, plant protection drugs;

- Planting and processing of coffee and rubber;

- Production of high-quality newsprint and writing paper;

- Wholesale of food;

- Wholesale of gasoline and oil;

- Wholesale of preventive and curative medicines, pharmaceutical chemicals;

- Production of beer with a capacity of over 100 million liters/year;

- Exploitation, filtering and supply of clean water of grade I and-II networks;

- International ocean shipping; air and railway transport;

- Money trading and insurance.

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Nguyen Tan Dung

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