• Effective: Expired
  • Effective Date: 01/10/2004
Number: 26/2004/QH11
Independence - Freedom - Happiness
Ha Noi , June 15, 2004

RESOLUTION No. 26/2004/QH11 of June 15, 2004 promulgating the Working Regulation of the National Assembly Standing Committee

According to this 5-chapter and 61-article Regulation, the National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee is a standing body of the NA and elected by the NA at the first session of each legislature. The NA Standing Committee shall perform the tasks and powers according to law provisions; take responsibility for, and report on, its activities, to the NA.

The NA Standing Committee is composed of the NA Chairman as the Chairman of the Committee, NA vice-chairmen as vice-chairmen of the Committee, and members.

The NA Standing Committee's members must not concurrently be the cabinet members and work on a full-time basis.

The Regulation also prescribes activities of the NA Standing Committee; organization and holding of the NA Standing Committee's sessions; working relations of the NA Standing Committee; and the assisting apparatuses and operation funding of the NA Standing Committee.

This Regulation replaces the Working Regulation of the NA Standing Committee, which was passed on July 7, 1993 by the IXth National Assembly at its 3rd session.- (Summary)




Nguyen Van An

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