• Effect: Partially Invalidated
  • Effective Date: 10/09/2005
Guiding the arrangement of salaries for public employees who change their jobs or move from the armed forces, cipher service or State companies to work in State agencies and non-business units
Official Number 79/2005/TT-BNV Issued Date 10/08/2005
Legislation Type Circular Effective Date 10/09/2005
Effective area
  • The whole country
Enforced Date
Source Công báo số 38 & 39 - 08/2005; Gazette date 26/08/2005
Issuing body/ Office/ Signer Ministry of Home Affairs Minister do quang trung
Effect Status: Partially Invalidated
The reason for this expiration Expiry Date ...
The reason for this expiration part
The Altered part
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