• Effective: Expired
  • Effective Date: 20/01/2005
  • Expiry Date: 16/02/2006
Number: 1676/2004/QĐ-NHNN
Independence - Freedom - Happiness
Ha Noi , December 23, 2004

DECISION No. 1676/2004/QD-NHNN of December 23, 2004 promulgating the Regulation on organization and operation of the Finance-Accounting Department

Under the Regulation issued together with this Decision, the Finance-Accounting Department is an unit of the State Bank, which assists the State Bank Governor in performing the State management over accounting, payment operation techniques and construction investment; exercising the right to manage the State capital portions at enterprises under the State Bank’s management; and directing and organizing the work of accounting, financial and property management, payment and construction investment of the State Bank.

This Decision takes effect 15 days after its publication in the Official Gazette and annuls the State Bank Governor’s Decision No. 95/1999/QD-NHNN9 of March 23, 1999.- (Summary)

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Le Duc Thuy

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