• Effective: Expired
  • Effective Date: 31/01/2004
  • Expiry Date: 20/12/2009
Number: 23/2004/NĐ-CP
Independence - Freedom - Happiness
Ha Noi , January 13, 2004

DECREE No. 23/2004/ND-CP of January 13, 2004 prescribing the use duration of trucks and passenger cars

This Decree prescribes the use duration of assorted trucks and passenger cars joining in traffic on roads in Vietnam, which shall not exceed 25 years for trucks, 20 years for passenger cars and 17 years for passenger cars converted from other types of cars before January 1, 2002. The above-stated use duration shall not apply to cars used for passenger transport business prescribed in the Government's Decree No. 92/2001/ND-CP of December 11, 2001.

It shall apply to all organizations and individuals using trucks or passenger cars joining in road traffic, except for those of army and police forces in service of defense and security purposes, passenger cars of up to 09 seats; pick-ups (small semi-trucks), special-use cars and trailers.

This Decree also specifies the responsibilities of concerned organizations, individuals and State management agencies, complaints, denunciations and handling of violations.

This Decree takes effect 15 days after its publication in the Official Gazette.- (Summary)

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Phan Van Khai

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