• Effective: Expired
  • Effective Date: 14/01/2004
  • Expiry Date: 01/01/2014
Number: 170/2003/NĐ-CP
Independence - Freedom - Happiness
Ha Noi , December 25, 2003

DECREE No. 170/2003/ND-CP of December 25, 2003 detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Ordinance on Price

This Decree prescribes the list of goods and services subject to price valorization by the State; the list of properties, goods and services subject to price determination by the State; price negotiation; price evaluation; control of monopolistic prices; and competence to determine and control prices.

Under this Decree, the State shall valorize the prices of petrol, oil, liquefied gas, cement, iron, steel, fertilizer, paddy, rice, coffee, cotton seeds and ginned cotton, raw material sugarcane, salt, and a number of preventive and curative medicines for human use.

It shall also determine the prices of properties, goods and services being:

- Land; water surface and important natural resources; the State's properties sold or leased not through bidding or auction; houses belonging to the State ownership, which are leased or sold; national reserve goods, the State's properties being infrastructural works in service of national or public utility; goods and services produced under the State's order; goods and services subject to the State monopoly such as electricity, passenger transport by air on domestic standard routes and a number of post and telecommunications services; and a number of goods and services important to the national economy and daily-life activities.

This Decree takes effect 15 days after its publication in the Official Gazette. Decision No. 137/HDBT of April 27, 1992 of the Council of Ministers on price control and previous regulations contrary to this Decree are annulled.- (Sumamry)

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